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Name:The Thirty-Six Stratagems Multifandom Ficathon
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to the multifandom ficathon based on the Thirty-Six Stratagems.

A more comprehensive version of this will be found in the Rules and FAQ.

What are the Thirty-Six Stratagems?

The Thirty-Six Stratagems is a classic Chinese essay describing pithy stratagems for war, politics, and even civil interactions. It's been held up alongside Sun Tzu's Art of War, and has also been sometimes attributed to him. Wikipedia has a good article.

So how does this work?

Really simply:
1. Sign up on the sign up post, indicating name, fandom(s), and LJ/DW username. Please make sure your account has a valid email address that I can reach you at associated with it. If there's nothing obvious, you'll get a PM requesting one.
2. After sign-ups close, I'll assign one of the stratagems. This is your prompt. Stratagems will be randomly assigned via a complex mathematical algorithm (probably either a random number generator or me rolling 2d10 modulo 36).
3. Write at least 500 words.
4. Post your story during the posting period.

What fandoms are allowed? Are there restrictions?

It's multifandom. Pretty much, if AO3 allows it, I will. Crossovers, fusions, and original fic are also welcome.

Content-wise, let's also go with "things AO3 allows" and "things that don't violate LJ or DW's TOS". Just put a rating and warnings. I'm cool with that.

Basic Rules

1. No character bashing.
2. Warn for explicit and triggery content.
3. Stories must be beta'ed/proofread/spellchecked before posting.
4. Stories must include a rating.


Is a work in progress. Here's a tentative one, which is so subject to change, it's not even funny.

Sign-ups Open: mid-April
Sign-ups Close: end of April
Assignments Out: early May
Submissions: July
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